Partnering with you to master your repetitive tasks and give you back your time.

Simple Secretary is a Virtual Expert service that works with coaches and trainers by helping them master and delegate their own personal administrative mountain so they can experience the relief of gaining efficient control of their business.


Services & Packages

Our clients enjoy getting back their time and freedom so they can focus on what is most important to them– generating revenue and enjoying their lives. We help them with many tasks, some of the most common include:

  • NEW!! Podcast Services
    • Audio Mixing
    • Cover Art
    • Show Notes
    • Publishing to Libsyn
  • Blog Services
    • Editing
    • Proofreading
    • Loading
  • Customer Service
    • Customer Interaction
    • Calendar Management
    • Writing Thank You Cards
  • Document and Form Creation
    •  Spreadsheet Creation
    • PDF Conversions
    • Searchable and Fillable PDF
    • Designs via CANVA
  • EBook Conversions and Design
  • Email Marketing
    • Account Set-up
    • Email Automation
    • Integration with Social Media and Websites
    • Subscriber Management
    • Template and Content Distribution
    • Template Design
  • Standard Operating Procedures
    Putting your processes to paper, making future delegation and training super easy.
  • Database & CRM Management
  • Payment & Invoicing Services
  • Social Media Services
    • Scheduling your own content
    • Social Media Account Set-up
  • Contest & Giveaway Management

Getting Started

Not sure how to get started in hiring a Virtual Assistant? We will help you get ready to delegate your business back to life freedom. As business owners, we wear many hats and often spend more time in our business than in our lives. Simple Secretary can help you determine which areas you need most assistance with and build from that point forward. We will help you work through which tasks you can most easily delegate, which need to be further developed into clear processes, and which you would like to continue completing.

Introductory Offer

Up to 10 hours of initial service for $450.00 to be used within 60 days.

We work quickly and efficiently to maximize your time. Some clients use this time to organize and compile their business cards into their electronic systems to provide timely follow-up to sales opportunities. We have also had clients use it to create E-Newsletter templates and schedule campaigns. Another way that you could utilize this time would be to document your current processes so that you have a how-to manual for future delegation and training.

Expedited Rates
$80.00 per hour for services that you require to have a 24-hour turnaround regardless of your package option.

Bonus Rates
All service packages receive a 20% discount if paid in full for a full 6-months prior to the commencement of services.


“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” – Maya Angelou​

About Melissa

Simple Secretary was founded in 2015 with the mission to provide quality administrative services to solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to grow their productivity and extend their reach without increasing overhead. With over 17 years of administrative experience, our Founder, Melissa Kuchlenz, identified a need within the small business community to document and standardize key processes and procedures to allow these businesses to scale up their production and resources. With this as the starting ground, Simple Secretary has evolved to provide highly customizable business solutions to propel you toward your goals.

Simple Secretary provides the highest level of professionalism and quality, existing to complement your business by allowing you time to focus on the activities that produce revenue rather than stressing about the day-to-day minutiae of the business world. With Simple Secretary as a strategic partner, your business will operate with streamlined efficiency and scalability will no longer be a concern.

Melissa loves to serve. It’s a big reason why she decided to become a Virtual Assistant. She gets to serve many people all at one time. Her administrative journey began when choosing her rate prior to going into the US Navy. She chose to become a Yeoman and quickly fell in love with detail, process, and organization.

  • "Melissa was a life saver just when I couldn’t handle all I needed to accomplish with data entry in Quick Books, working with PayPal and my bank to get everything recorded and balanced. She was a big help with spreadsheets, my newsletter contacts, and templates. I would highly recommend her expertise and professional work."
    Joyce Sobotta
    Owner of Aromatherapy Natures Way
  • "I met Melissa during a time of transition. I was looking to infuse a new level of productivity and efficiency into my business. Melissa is organized, focused and results-driven. As a task-driven person who likes to maximize time and resources, Melissa has exceeded my expectations. She has streamlined and documented processes, managed projects effectively and met established deadlines. When you can hire the right people for the right tasks, it brings peace of mind and a renewed sense of energy. And better yet, it is good for my bottom line. I am so grateful!"
    Rhonda Noordyk
    Owner of The Women's Financial Wellness Center
  • Simple Secretary Testimonial Sarah Stokes
    “It was such a relief to have Simple Secretary come in and help me catch up on the files that had piled up. She was efficient, friendly, and accomplished the project in no time. As the owner of two businesses, it freed me up to focus on my priorities. I would recommend Simple Secretary to anyone who has unfinished to-do lists!”
    Sarah Stokes
    Co-Owner of Stokes + HERZOG
  • Simple Secretary Testimonial Molly Lee
    "Working with Melissa from Simple Secretary has been an amazing blessing. She has a great can-do attitude that makes a stressful day feel calmer after talking with her. Melissa has been great at taking existing processes and improving them so they are more efficient and user-friendly. I found on several occasions that she was able to run with a task after often little instruction, yet she knew the right times to ask for clarification or additional information. Melissa is definitely someone I feel I can trust to get a job done quickly and I don't have to worry if it will be done to my satisfaction. It will be better than expected! Thank you, Melissa, for helping make the Glory Gals retreat run smoothly and be successful! It wouldn't have been so amazing without you!"
    Molly Lee
    Founder of Molly Lee Ministries, LLC
  • Simple Secretary Testimonial Dawn Bennett
    "I have been using Melissa for over a year now. I love her attentiveness to detail. First, if she does not understand a project, she makes sure to clarify before starting. This alone has saved time and money. For repeating tasks, such as newsletters, she makes sure to contact me if I haven't sent her the proper information in a timely manner. If I cannot find a document she has completed because I renamed it somewhere on my computer, she will gladly point me back to it in our shared Dropbox. I have entrusted her with social media, newsletters, scheduling speaking engagements, putting together documents, and so much more. I love her versatility and organizational skills. I highly recommend her for any project."
    Dawn Bennett
    Owner of Body Healing Power

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